Inevitable Collapse explores the repercussions of honeybee colony collapse and warns of a foreboding future. The application of pesticides has led to unprecedented declines in bee and pollinating insect numbers. Our symbiotic relationship with pollinating insects remains crucial to our food production. Assaulting our partners in agriculture translates to a direct attack upon humanity. As a visual artist, I demand a call to action for one of the most crucial issues of our time. By utilizing poisons in my process, the undeniable truth of humankind’s folly becomes irrefutable through the narrative of the fallen honeybee.

The original 11x16.5 and 11.5x11.5 inch chromogenic prints are one off creations distressed with herbicides and pesticides. The prints are out-gassed for six weeks prior to framing. Inquiries please contact the artist directly.

Images provided by Bill Edwards Photography.

All rights reserved.